Oren Baldinger

Natural Language, Data Science, Software Engineering



I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, grew up in San Antonio, Texas, received a Masters in Computer Science from Indiana University, and currently live in Seattle, Washington.


I currently am employed by Conversica, Inc., as an SDE2.

I have worked as a Research Assistant under Damir Cavar at Indiana University.

I have worked for more than 10 years as lead full-stack software developer and small-business consultant at Comsite International, Inc.

Professional Experience

My work has required fluency in Python, Java, Natural Language Processing, Machine and Deep Learning, SQL, .NET, C#, infrastructure and internet technologies, ETL and data pipelines, GDPR/PCI/HIPAA/SOC2, as well as small-business management and consulting acumen.

I have designed and implemented JSON schemas and validators.

I have written high-performance data, document, and file processing pipelines.

I have built software systems solo, from the ground up, I have managed others, and been a member of teams.

I have designed, developed, and maintained over many years, complete web applications wrtten in Python, PHP, .NET, SQL, and JavaScript.

I have maintained, taken over, modernized, and expanded existing software projects written in Python, C#, VB.NET, Java, and PHP.

I have written and documented APIs, built ecommerce applications, quote aggregators, task management systems, and reporting platforms.

I am experienced in refactoring, and writing secure, maintainable, and testable code. I am comfortable with all languages, frameworks, and paradigms.


I can be reached via email at contact-web@baldinger.me